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So entertaining to listen to newbie enjoy a classic

As a seasoned B5 fan this is amusing and insightful to hear

Universes Collide Boldly

Babylon 5 is one of my favorite series of all time. And for reasons I can’t yet describe as I’m avoiding spoilers, it had a huge impact on my adolescence/young adulthood. As a lifelong Trek fan I absolutely LOVE hearing fellow trekkers enjoying B5. This podcast is not only the best of both worlds (😉) it’s a fun way to revisit out EarthForce heroes, Ambassadors and…well, other characters who will soon visit our last best hope.


The show is right in my wheelhouse as a major Star Trek who also loves Babylon 5. Also the fact that the host genuinely know NOTHING about the show adds to the enjoyment as they make predictions and react. The format works great, I particularly like when they guess the plot of the next episode based on the title though I’m not sure they’ve ever been right. Highly recommend!!

Fresh eyes on one of my favorite shows

I love B5. It is great to have a review from completely unspoiled reviewers. The fact that the hosts are well versed in Star Trek is just icing on the cake. I’’ looking forward to more from you.

Enjoying Your Ride

As a big B5 fan as well as a Star Trek fan, I am enjoying your ride. There is so much ahead for you on this journey, and listening to your comments reminds me of how I had to be dragged into the show by a friend and am eternally grateful for the gift he gave me. This was a show that received terrible marketing in the US, often placed at 4am on the network. I would set the VCR (yep, that old) to record it, and I missed 30 minutes of one episode because the network randomly changed the time. I was up every morning super early to watch it after that point to make sure I never missed a moment. I hope you get to that same point when each show is a roller coaster of good stuff that you can't wait until you see the next episode.

A strong start, needs more diversity in viewpoints

Two TNG+ Trek fans look at B5 through a Trek lens, placing it in the proper context for the time of its creation. I have only listened to the first 2 eps, and I like both presenters. They are going in with few TV preconceptions, and do a good job articulating their impressions about the execution, writing, and subtext in B5. In the Midnight on the Firing line episode, the cultural homogeneity, political naïveté, and lack of education of the hosts comes through in the discussion about how cultures are assimilated and homogenized. While they mention G’kar’s genocidal threat against the Centauri, they never mention genocide as one of the reasons that cultures on Earth are lost. Delenn’s speech about “where it ends” about who gets Ragesh 3 is poignant because the actress, Mira Furlan, is from the former Yugolavia, where such scores were being settled as this show was being aired. It might be helpful for them to recruit some diverse guests, maybe from B5 fandom, FemFreq, All the Asians on Star Trek, or Women at Warp, to fill in those gaps.

The podcast I never knew I needed

I watched Babylon 5 around when it first came out and I kind of left it where it was. I love Jeff and Brent’s Star Trek podcasts so I decided to check this out and I LOVE IT! They are awesome together it’s so fun to hear two grown men that know how to break down a TV show watch this classic.